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Lowrance LiveSight Unveiling – Initial Impressions

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Lowrance unveiled their newest technology this week at the Bassmaster Classic, a forward looking sonar called LiveSight. This technology looks super useful and definitely can help us in the way we look for fish and structure. Forward looking sonar will allow us to search out in front of the bow with a trolling motor mounted transducer. Like I talked about in last week’s article, I love to fish isolated structure offshore, and this tool will help structure anglers stay near and easily re-find isolated cover that we cast to offshore. Also, the ability to see your lure in the water column and watch the way fish react to it sounds like it could be very advantageous as well. The technology comes with a $999 price tag and is plug and play compatible with the HDS Live units. Lowrance will release a module in the summer of 2019 to make this technology compatible with the HDS Carbon series. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the LiveSight and will give a full review once I do.

It's all about finding fish fast!


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