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The Best Setup for Dropshotting Weedlines

Here in the upper-midwest the largemouth bass are all moving out from the banks to their summer haunts. If you fish a lake with a lot of vegetation like coontail, milfoil or hydrilla, fishing the edges of that veg is going to put some fish in the boat for you. I like to use my electronics to find a good combination of hard bottom, vegetation and bait. When I find those three things, I almost always find bass nearby. Those fish will see lot of different presentations like texas rigs and jigs, but one of my favorites is the dropshot. It is a little more finesse than most weedline techniques, so it can be great on pressured lakes and when conditions get tough.

Throwing a dropshot in thick vegetation can be a little intimidating, there's the worry of getting your bait hung and not being able to get a fish out. If you use the setup I recommend, you will be successful with it, I promise.

My setup: I start with a medium action spinning rod, something sensitive with a good crisp action. I like the 6'6" St. Croix Avid. I use a 3000 size spinning reel. Using the proper line in this setup is very important. I like 10lb Suffix 832 braid for my main line and 10lb seagar invisx flourocarbon for my leader. The hook is super important too becuase you want a hook you can texas rig a plastic on. The Covershot hook by Owner is the best i've found. The 2/0 size works perfect for my favorite bait for this technique, Zoom Trick Worm.

Now that you know what to look for and you've got the proper setup, you are ready to put it in play. I like to make short pitches with this setup, keeping the bait within about 20 feet from the boat. Anything further out than that and you will really put yourself at risk for not getting a fish out of the thick stuff.

This summer when you venture out on the weedlines, give this technique a try and I guarantee you'll catch some bass. It's all about finding fish fast!

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